Laser dentistry for gentle and precision tissue removal, treatments in Clearwater and Seminole FL

Boulevard Dental uses advanced technologies to keep you on the road to oral health, or to jumpstart your journey toward a healthy smile. Laser systems represent one of the most useful technologies that dentists like Drs Wujick, Moss, Kopakin and Castillo have in their tool belts to restore the appearance and function of your teeth, gums, and other oral structures. From their offices in Clearwater and Seminole FL, they may use gentle laser devices for tissue removal, to facilitate healthy function and periodontal attachment, or to prepare the site for common dental treatments such as dental crowns.

The beauty of laser dentistry

Systems such as the Picasso line of dental lasers support the least invasive and most gentle process and experience possible at the dentist’s office. The laser device is directed toward the treatment site. Energy from the laser beam produces controlled heat, which can be used to precisely recontour or alter natural tissues. These sophisticated systems have many built-in safety features that further support a comfortable, low-risk procedure. Due to the conservative, non-invasive nature of laser dentistry, this approach to many dental treatments minimizes or eliminates the common sources of dental anxiety or fear. For instance, patients tolerate the laser so well that anesthetic or numbing is not required. This makes lasers a great option for patients who dread the sight of needles!

As a non-invasive tool, laser-assisted procedures also eliminate the need to use scalpels to cut through tissue. This approach further minimizes bleeding, tenderness, and other side effects associated with traditional dental techniques and instruments. Generally, less invasive treatments are more conservative, meaning that maximum tooth structure is preserved. There is no lab-made tooth structure that perfectly replicates the appearance and function of a natural tooth. So, we want to preserve as much of that healthy natural structure as possible.

Lasers are also very precise; the beam pinpoints tissues. The area outside of the treatment site remains untouched. Since everything from the correction of a lip tie to the preparation of tissue for restorative treatment can be done in a low-touch fashion, lasers promote fast healing and recovery. There is nothing to really “heal from”! The design of these advanced systems also supports faster treatment. You spend less time chairside, and more time enjoying your life.

 There are many applications for today’s sophisticated dental lasers. We won’t know how to make your experience at our office even better until after we have evaluated your mouth. Contact us today Clearwater (727) 758-2898 or Seminole (727) 308-6224 to schedule your appointment.