Porcelain Inlays & Onlays Clearwater and Seminole FL – Restore Your Smile

At Boulevard Dental, our dental restorations are “built for the long haul.” The “magic” of long-lasting dental work is in the conservative nature of the treatments that Drs Wujick, Moss, Kopakin, and Castillo recommend to patients in Clearwater, Seminole, and Greater Pinellas County, FL. 

Porcelain inlays and onlays

Dental inlays and onlays are recognized as conservative alternatives to full-coverage crowns. In fact, onlays are known as “partial crowns,” as they cover the decayed portion of the tooth. They do not replicate the entire, visible part of the tooth seen above the gum line (the crown). 

Generally, we recommend the most conservative treatments out of the options that may be available to our patients. These types of treatments preserve maximum healthy, natural tooth structure. While dentistry has advanced considerably in recent decades, no artificial tooth can exactly replicate the form and function of a natural tooth. The dental material introduced to the natural tooth depends on the existing structure for its strength and durability, which is yet another reason why tooth conservation and preservation techniques are ideal. 

Inlays may be an appropriate option for patients who have decay that cannot be sufficiently treated with oral hygiene modifications and fillings. Large dental fillings are avoided because the filling would not provide adequate structure. The tooth would be vulnerable to premature damage and failure. As an indirect restoration, the inlay is made from dental ceramics such as porcelain. The ceramic is color-matched to the surrounding tooth structure. So, it blends in seamlessly. Once all damaged tissue is removed and the inlay is ready to be placed, it is applied to the decayed area of the tooth. Inlays are for modest damage. They fit inside of the cusps or points of the tooth. 

Onlays are suitable for more extensive damage. They fit within the cusps, and they cover at least one tooth point. Depending on what we find during your exam, we may recommend an entire crown, root canal therapy followed by a full-coverage dental crown, or tooth replacement options such as bridges and dental implant-supported crowns and bridges. 

The earlier we can intervene with damage or tooth decay, the less extensive, time-consuming, and costly the treatment required to restore the tooth to a healthy appearance and function. So, call us today to schedule your appointment at one of our two area offices in Clearwater at (727) 758-2898 and Seminole at (727) 308-6224.