Don’t treat cavities; seal out harmful bacteria! A guide to dental sealants in Clearwater and Seminole, FL

The Florida Department of Health reports that almost one of every four children aged six to nine in our state have untreated dental decay. Of Floridian adults aged 45 to 64, almost 60% have had at least one permanent tooth extracted. Almost 11% of seniors in the state have no natural teeth left. It does not have to be this way. We at Boulevard Dental in Clearwater and Seminole, FL want to keep you and your family on the road to a healthy smile with preventive services, including dental sealants.

The power of dental sealants

The state’s public health dental program listed a number of “protective factors,” which were identified as measures to reduce the prevalence of oral diseases and disparities in care, while increasing the quality of life. In addition to community water fluoridation, preventive visits, and oral cancer screenings, dental sealants were listed as important protective factors.

These thin coatings of safe, BPA-free plastic are an affordable, fast, non-invasive, and painless way for our dentists to help you to effectively protect decay-prone back teeth. These molars can be hard to reach and, in turn, difficult to clean due to their location in the mouth. Plus, they contain pits and grooves. These uneven surfaces tend to trap food debris. When lingering food mixes with harmful bacteria, you have a recipe for plaque that erodes teeth and gum tissue.

Generally, Drs Wujick, Moss, Kopakin and Castillo recommend that dental sealants be applied as a preventive tool as soon as the first permanent molars break through the gums, usually around the age of six. That way, we do not provide an opportunity for these grooved and pitted teeth to be vulnerable to plaque build-up and decay, such as cavities.

Preventive services for the whole family

You do not have to be a child to benefit from dental sealants. We place sealants for kids, teenagers, and adults. The process is straightforward; teeth are cleaned and dried, a gel is applied to help “bond” or secure the sealant to the teeth, and the sealant itself is applied as a liquid. We harden and “fix” it to each tooth using a specialized curing light. Among school-aged children alone, the state’s health department reported that dental sealant programs reduced the incidence of tooth decay by up to 60%. Preventive services such as sealants may also be 100% covered by your insurance plan.

Why “treat” when you can economically, effectively, and efficiently “prevent”? Contact us today Clearwater (727) 758-2898 or Seminole (727) 308-6224 to schedule your appointment at one of our two offices in Clearwater and Seminole.