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Ever since the Pinellas County Commissioners voted in late 2011 against the addition fluoride to the county water, I have been asked often about the situation. I am in full support of the addition of fluoride to minimal levels in the water supply. There are approximately seventy years of research supporting the effectiveness of the mineral in preventing tooth decay and very little if any credible scientific evidence suggest fluoride at minimal levels causes any health concerns. In fact, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has proclaimed fluoride in the water supply as one of the top ten greatest health achievements of the twentieth century.

Whereas many individuals with proper brushing and flossing technique along with a low-sugar diet can maintain healthy gums and teeth, many other groups of individuals such as elderly, children or those that do not know or do not highly prioritize good health habits fall vulnerable to tooth decay. This problem of tooth decay is considered a worldwide health epidemic. So, this relatively inexpensive mineral is added to the water supply to bathe the teeth and make them super-strong against the constant assault of bacteria causing tooth decay. And when the fluoride is present when the teeth are formed as a child, the teeth maintain a stronger resistance to future decay.

It is for this reason that I am such a strong supporter of minimal fluoride in the water supply. There is such a large population which is either too young to know any better, or too old to be able to properly maintain their teeth, or too poor to receive dental care that many of us are fortunate enough to receive. This cost-effective solution provides these groups with some help.