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Boulevard Dental Membership Plan

As insurance companies continue to take control of the industry, more dental practices are considering ways to reduce their patient’s dependence on dental insurance. In this blog, we tell you about in-house membership programs and explain their benefits.

In-House Membership Program Explained

Think of an in-house membership program as an Amazon Prime subscription for your teeth. With this type of program, patients pay a yearly fee and receive special benefits and discounts from their dentist.

One of the major benefits of an in-house membership program is that it allows patients to dictate the quality of the care they receive, rather than the insurance company. These programs also cut out middle men that interfere with the practice, and eliminates claim denials and delays. Unlike traditional dental insurance, there are no exclusions for pre-existing conditions and no yearly maximums with these programs. Because dentists are able to reduce their dependence on insurance companies, they are able to provide better quality care for their patients.

What Does Boulevard Dental’s Membership Plan Offer Patients?

At Boulevard Dental, our in-house membership program provides patients with two cleanings and exams per year, all of their x-rays, and a 25% discount on all dental treatments. Call (727) 799-4897 to speak with one of our dental professionals to find out more about membership plans from Boulevard Dental.

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