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Happy Visits

A child’s first visit to the dentist is critical for ensuring a foundation for a lifetime of good oral health. This is why at Boulevard Dental Clearwater we work hard to ensure the initial experiences to the dentist are happy ones.

At Boulevard Dental, we recommend that our Clearwater child’s first visit to the dentist be at 2 years of age – we call these ”Happy Visits.” Our friendly staff ensures that the child has a great time while getting familiar with all of the sights and smells and sounds of a dental office. The visit is culminated by meeting the dentist to “count their teeth” so that he or she knows they are in good hands at Boulevard Dental in Clearwater.

We strive to always focus on ensuring a positive experience with smiles and rewards to reinforce the visit’s success. At Boulevard Dental, we lend books to our patients to read to the child prior to this first visit so that they know exactly what to expect ahead of time and there will be no surprises. And we love to have parents involved in the room with their children’s first experiences to limit any separation anxiety while they are getting to know us.

It is always critical for the parent to have a positive attitude about visiting the dentist as well. Research shows that when parents possess negative feelings to dentistry, the child will have similar sentiments. So, both at home as well as while accompanying your child at the office, we encourage a positive and supportive outlook towards visiting the dentist in order to reduce your little one’s anxiety.

Usually at about three years of age, the child becomes more comfortable and allows us to do a full array of normal dental procedures like cleaning the teeth, fluoride and routine exams.

At Boulevard Dental in Clearwater, Dr. Wujick and Dr. Kopakin have many years of experience with pediatric dentistry, and our staff understands the unique challenges of helping children enjoy their visits to the dentist. We welcome you and your family to visit us for all of your family dental needs.