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Full Mouth Reconstruction: Is It Right for You?

People who experience significant oral health issues can be hard-pressed to find a solution or treatment that will restore their smile again. Most dental services are designed to take care of a specific problem, not a wide range of troubles. Full mouth reconstruction is an advanced dentistry technique that exists to fill this dental service need.

As the name states, full mouth reconstruction can completely restore a dental patient’s entire mouth. Rather than conducting one dental treatment and then assessing what should be next, your dentist will plan out a serious of treatments upfront to carefully and methodically restore your mouth and smile to its former appearance and shine.

Dental patients who may benefit from full mouth construction include patients with:

  • Most or all teeth missing
  • Multitude of noticeable fillings
  • Numerous rotting or broken teeth
  • Certain types of oral cancer

With your dentist, you will discuss the plan ahead for your full mouth reconstruction. By giving you an idea of what needs to be done, and what sort of schedule to expect, your dentist can help you feel all the more confident in the procedures. With a unique integration of cosmetic, restorative, and preventative treatments, full mouth reconstruction is an amazingly efficient way to feel good again whenever you smile.

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