Our Practice

We are committed to helping people attain the smile they have always wanted through the use of conservative, state-of-the-art procedures that will result in beautiful, long lasting smiles!

Our Commitment to Excellence

Excellent dentistry first requires a commitment to excellent patient care and customer service. Our staff have all made the commitment to provide uncompromising personal care to each patient we see to ensure the goal of all dental needs being carefully addressed. Our office provides comprehensive treatment planning for each patient and will review each plan individually with you prior to your cosmetic or restorative treatment of choice to ensure that you are comfortable with your treatment and that it will result in the best result possible for you. For our patients, should any dental emergency arise after hours our office is always available to assist you!

Preventative Dental Care

It has been well documented that preventative care is the best way to ensure great dental health in the short and long-term. We believe that the best way to ensure this is through providing education to our patients on why regular dental health screenings are important not only for the health of your mouth, but for the health of your entire body. It is never too late to start seeing our team for preventative cleanings and exams to ensure your future oral health will be as ideal as possible! When you come in to our office we will review your medical history with you and review how this might impact your dental health. We will also provide you with a schedule for future visits so that you can maintain that healthy smile year-round.

Meticulous Safety

We understand that infection control in our office is not only very important to us, but to you as well. With that in mind, we strictly maintain sterilization and cross contamination processes using standards recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).


Continuing our theme of wanting to ensure the highest quality of care for each of our patients we as an office are dedicated to ensuring all of our staff are committed to continuing their education. Our office regularly attends various dental conventions, lectures, and meetings in order to stay up-to-date on the newest procedures, techniques, and products available to make your time with us as enjoyable as possible.


Our office utilizes technology to deliver treatment as comfortably and effectively as possible. Our digital radiography ensures our patient receive as little radiation exposure as possible. Our cancer screening products assist us in catching pathology as early as possible. And, our use of lasers allow for treatment to be performed as painlessly and atraumatically as possible.

Exceeding Expectations

We understand that for some people going to the Dentist's office is not considered an enjoyable experience and we delight in the challenge to change your mind! A fear of the dentist office is a real anxiety producing condition, sometimes referred to as dentophobia or odontophobia, and it takes a caring team of individuals to treat patients with that type of anxiety. Our office's goal is to build a trusting relationship with each patient we see in order to make the experience one that is both positive and fulfilling of your dental needs. We have many patients who have come to us with dental anxiety before and have been converted with just a little bit of special attention from our staff. If you have a phobia of the dentist's office please let us know in advance so we can set aside some special time to address your concerns and help you to overcome them!

Thank you again for the opportunity to serve as your dental office of choice!